You Made Me Feel Special

There was something special about you. In fact, it wasn’t just one thing about you or what you did, it was everything rolled into one.

You always made me feel beautiful, important, and special. Telling me how cute I was in the morning or tucking me in and kissing me when you thought I was fast asleep, those things easily made a bad day a good one.

Watching you light up about the things you love doing and the things that made you who you are, made me feel the way I felt about you. There is a special kind of happiness that you can feel when hearing a person talk about the things they love.

On my sad days, when I was down or just in tears, you somehow always (I’m not exaggerating the always part) made me laugh or smile. The littlest things from you could bring me back where I needed to be.

Your laugh and your dorky smile brought a vibrancy to my life. The way you’d freak out if I touched your hair never failed to amuse me. Your nerdy passions and hobbies made me want to take them up as well just so I could understand what it all meant. I wanted to do that for you.

I appreciated every little thing you have ever done for me, even if I wasn’t so great at showing you. I felt like I could be my complete self around you. I was the best version of myself when it was just us. I was better with you. I was happier with you. I cared about you more than anybody.

Even on your difficult days, you never failed to make mine better.

I’m sorry.


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